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Full-Color Decorative Christmas Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)

Full-Color Decorative Christmas Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Full-Color Electronic Design)Hundreds of winsome, full-color illustrations—all from rare vintage publications—include images of jolly old St. Nicholas, evergreen wreaths and garlands, exuberant children playing with holiday gifts, and much more. The collection features 362 festive designs, ideal for use in ads, personalized greeting cards, giftwrap, and other print projects. Disk contains all items in book.

Customer Review: For Santa lovers

This book with the cd contains numerous pictures of santa so if you are looking for different types of santa's, you will love this book. If you're looking for the spiritual side of Christmas--Mary, baby Jesus and the Three Wise Men, then you will be very disappointed. The color of the pictures are great. There are also a lot of children but very few angels. For Victorian lovers for sure!

Customer Review: Amazing!!

Dover Publications has done it again!! I love the old-fashioned christmas images. Also, the colors are "Outstanding". I would recommend the books and cd's to anyone.

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Old-Time Halloween Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

Old-Time Halloween Illustrations CD-ROM and Book (Dover Electronic Clip Art)

A nostalgic look back at All Hallows Eve, 178 old-fashioned images will lend spellbinding charm to a cauldron-full of Halloween projects! Delight in full-color holiday scenes starring spooky pumpkins, black cats, trick-or-treaters, flying bats, watchful owls, and other illustrations touched with an enchanting, antique air.

Customer Review: WOW!

This CD/book combo is fantastic. It contains most of the popular old-time Halloween drawings you see in the books of collectible postcards. I haven't even tried doing anything with the CD yet, the book is presented so beautifully. I have no idea if the pictures can be sized on the computer for different uses, but I would even be willing to play up and down with a copier if I had to.

Customer Review: vintage halloween

i found this book to be exactly what i was looking for. many of the illustrations are found in other books, but you have the added bonus of the included cd. this is perfect clip art to use for mixed media collage and artist trading cards (atc's). with the cd, you can use the images in digital photo applications as well. i'm very happy with this purchase
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Digital Computer Electronics

Digital Computer ElectronicsStriking an ideally balanced approach, this text introduces students to microprocessor fundamentals by using a pedagogical SAP (Simple-As-Possible) model computer. The text then relates these fundamentals to three real-world examples: Intel’s 8085, Motorola’s 6800, and the 6502 chip used by Apple Computers. Instructors can focus on just one of these popular microprocessors, or include the features of others. This edition correlates closely with popular chip trainers and includes added coverage of the Intel 8088 16-bit microprocessors. It also includes a student version of the TASM cross-assembler software program.

Experiments for Digital Computer Electronics, prepared expressly for this Third Edition, contains hardware and software experiments that allow students to expand upon the topics covered in the text through hands-on exercises. An Instructor’s Guide containing answers to chapter questions and experiment results is also offered.

Customer Review: Outstanding text

I'm not sure if this is a later edition of the book I used or not 20 years ago, because it was just titled Digital Electronics back them. But if it is, and it's as good as the original edition, it was probably the best introduction to the subject I'd ever read. Clear and concise explanations of basic principles and digital circuit components made this a valuable reference and study book for me. In fact, as a result of reading this book on my own, I was able to test out of the introductory digital circuits class at my college and get into the second semester class. The book was a standard textbook for years at the colleges near my home, and it has taught thousands of electronic hobbyists, technicians, and engineers over the last 20 years this important field of electronics. Truly a great classic by an outstanding teacher.

Customer Review: The Best Book for building concept

I read this book back in 80's while doing my bachelor in electronics engineering.
This book gave me a solid understanding of the heart and sole of a computer.
Later I used this book for my lectures at various levels. A must have book for every one who wants a real foundation in computer science career.
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Arts and Crafts Designs CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)

Arts and Crafts Designs CD-ROM and Book (Electronic Clip Art)

Striking collection of designs, rendered from textile and wallpaper motifs, vases, and other authentic sources, includes images of lovely florals once etched into glassware and pitchers, garlands of flowers in square and circular configurations, wildlife that adorned decorative bowls and platters, and much more. A convenient source of superb illustrations. 231 black-and-white illustrations.

Customer Review: Love these Dover offerings

I've gotten many ideas from the various Dover books/CDs for my different creative endeavours from leather tooling, wood carving, and bead weaving to making my own drawings.
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Digital Electronics Demystified

Digital Electronics DemystifiedThe field of teaching digital electronics has not changed significantly in the past 20 years. Many of the same books that first became available in the late 1970s and early 1980s are still being used as basic texts. In the 20+ years since these were written, the basic rules have not changed, but they do not provide strong links to modern electronics including CMOS logic, Programmable Logic Devices and microprocessor/microcontroller interfacing. Courses teaching introductory digital electronics will fill in the missing areas of information for students, but neither the instructors nor students have resources to explain modern technology and interfaces. One assumption made by all the standard texts is that experimenting with digital electronics cannot be done easily - in the proposed book, "digital guru" Myke Predko will show how readers can set up their own apparatus for experimenting with digital electronics for less than $10.

Customer Review: Excellent Introduction Book

This is an excellent book for the hobbyist looking to get started with electronics or anyone who needs some clarification on some aspects of digital electronics. The book describes things clearly and in a simple manner so that the basics are easy to grasp, and then brings in the gory details required to fully understand it. This has usually been the failing point of the other books on the subject I have tried to read; they do not make the very basic concepts easy to understand. I will admit, most of the material in the first few chapters (Boolean logic, electronic components, etc.) was a review for me. Someone looking at this material for the first time may require a few read-throughs of this material. Don't get discouraged and have patience! Everything begins to come together in the later chapters, so don't worry if you don't completely understand everything the first time it is introduced.

Customer Review: An intriguing book...

I bought this book the other day, as I have often wondered exactly how boolean logic got instantiated in electronic devices, but couldn't seem to get past the first few pages of most intro texts. The author's style of writing is very engaging, and easy to follow. I was able to get through the first couple chapters sitting in the book store! I am looking forward to finishing the book, as it promises to provide me with a good grounding in this area. The biggest difference I saw in this book was the careful stepping from boolean logic at a simple level to more complex logic while simultaneously showing how it can work in circuit-form. Most books give the basics, then jump right into the circuit design as if you already get how to make the leap, (and I couldn't seem to get there on my own!!!)
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Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting

Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting


“Ed Sherman is one of America’s great teachers and communicators of marine technology.”--Tim Murphy, Executive Editor, Cruising World

Whether you are a marine electronics professional or a boatowner, Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting helps you understand the new, more powerful methods of troubleshooting marine electrical and electronic systems. A modern boat’s sophisticated installations and networked electronics can stretch the traditional diagnostic methods based on trouble lights and multimeters past their useful limits. This book will show you how to:

  • Use microprocessor-based diagnostic tools and techniques from the automotive and communications sectors, adapted for boats for the first time
  • Diagnose the most difficult AC and DC problems
  • Protect communications and navigation electronics from interference and lightning
  • Seek out and eliminate stray-current sources and galvanic corrosion

Customer Review: New approaches to Marine Electronics for the boatyard

I just got ABYC instructor Ed Sherman's new book on Advanced Marine Electronics "Advanced Marine Electrics and Electronics Troubleshooting", it's a Marine Electricians guide to new techniques (Like TDR), new tools and methods for the Marine Electrician. It's an adjunct to the powerboaters guide.

BTW: TDR Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) is based in conductor reflection timing (on a return pulse) which used in testing wiring and optical fiber.

Minor Wants: More. I'd have liked a deeper Oscilloscope section and more engine electronics (J1939) stuff and NMEA2000. Pictures are profuse and clear. I started reading the ASE Advanced Performance series in conjunction with this book and would have liked more of the engine electronics integration knowledge brought here. (Picoscope type stuff). Would also like selection criteria for quality electronics (e.g. explain NITS or candela and contrast levels for visibility, a better explanation on pulse width modulation and motor control where the terms are used in the text. Explaining the NMEA 2000 technical architecture deeper would be nice. The author states that it is an additional book for the ABYC electrician and electronics installer, but some basics on electronics would help. 200 pages is too short, but it's a great book.

BTW: Pulse Width modulation (PWM) is a means of controlling a (DC) motor's speed by providing longer or shorter pulses (from a onboard systems microprocessor). More "On" time means faster speed. (Think flicking a fan switch on and off.)

This book is a must get, yet I am only left wanting more. A 2nd edition would be have to get. I loved the ground loop explanation and the need for isolation on network systems on boats.

One of the best parts is the stuff the electronics tech can build.

BTW: When electronics have more than one point of grounding, EMI (electronic noise is propagated through the system. Problems can occur with networks like cheap ethernet (which is why opto isolation is recommended) on boats where ground loop noise is severe. A ground loop is a bad thing, in your network and in your home stereo (causes a hum).

Like any book under a million pages on the subject, there is a lot more you want. His advice focuses on hand held Microprocessor test tools. This is excellent guidance for average marine electronics tech, although I am not likely to give up my old Tek 11801C TDR or my SD-24 sampling head for the stuff I do.

The old technique, new technique section locked in the 5 star rating for me.

Recommended Read and own
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Electric Machinery (McGraw-Hill electrical and electronic engineering series)

This revision of the classic text on electric machines has been updated to include extensive coverage of permanent magnet machines and variable reluctance machines. This market leader continues the philosophy of previous editions by maintaining its solid presentation of fundamental physical principles of machinery operation as well as the techniques required to model and analyze them. It also features a wide variety of new end-of-chapter problems and additional examples.

Customer Review: An excellent introduction and reference for the theory and fundamentals

This is a text book for engineers (electrical and mechancial primarily) to learn about various kinds of electric machines and their fundamental theories of operation and design. This is one of the best of those books and not meant to be one that is picked up by the casual "tinker" or even an engineer looking for a quick application guide to DC motors. This is a thorough text book on these devices for those who need to engineer for design objectives.

Customer Review: It is a reasonable but ...

Buy it instead:

Electric Machinery and Transformers (The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)

Electric Machinery Fundamentals (McGraw-Hill Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering)
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